Leave A Legacy

Supporting a Capitol Legacy

Since the U.S. Capitol Historical Society’s founding in 1962, donors to the Society have demonstrated their deep commitment to informed citizenship and our nation’s history. Donations support annual program and operating expenses and provide for the long-term mission of the Society.

This heartfelt support has made it possible for USCHS to bring democracy to life for millions of Americans. In these uncertain times, the Society’s educational mission is more relevant than ever–but the challenges we face in fulfilling it are enormous.

We invite you to consider the Society in your gift planning. You can ensure that the values you embrace during your lifetime–as exemplified in the work of the Society–can continue to inspire new generations of involved citizens. At the same time, depending on the type of gift you choose to make, you may realize immediate or future tax savings that benefit you and your family.


Gift Planning that Maximizes your Annual Gift

An outright gift of stock, real estate, or personal property is a direct way to make a planned gift. This type of donation allows you to have a more immediate impact on our work, because it supports the maintenance and expansion of the Society’s ongoing outreach programs.

If you have owned stock for more than a year that has appreciated since its purchase, you may want to transfer that stock to make your annual gift to the Society. You will not have to pay a tax on your long-term capital gains. So, rather than write a check for your annual Society gift, consider transferring a once favored security to the Society and then writing that check for a new investment.


Gift Planning for a Deferred Gift

Your deferred gift can help build the Society’s endowment and can also be used for specific purposes of your choice.

  1. Consider including the Society as a beneficiary in your will. A bequest to the Society can be included as an explicit dollar amount, as a percentage of your estate, or as a specific item such as stocks or real estate.
  2. You can name the Society as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy you already have; or transfer ownership of a policy and beneficiary status to the Society. Similarly, you may name the Society as a beneficiary of a retirement plan, such as a 401(K), 403(B) or IRA account.

Making a planned gift is a very personal decision–and a satisfying one. For more information on giving options, for suggested language to include the Society in your will, for specific instructions about stock transfers, and to let us know about a deferred gift you have made such as an outright bequest or trust, please contact USCHS Development Director Cherise Clark at CClark@uschs.org or (202) 543-8919 ext. 23. As in all important financial matters, check with your financial advisor and/or your attorney for guidance.