Corporate Membership


The primary mission of the U.S. Capitol Historical Society is two-fold: educating people across our country about our system of government and preserving the historic treasures and traditions of this great symbol of democracy. Since the Society was founded in 1962 and chartered by the U.S. Congress in 1978, it has strived to shine a light for all to see on this building and what it stands for.

The Capitol Committee

The Capitol Committee is a group of over 110 Corporations, Associations, and Foundations which support the mission of the U.S. Capitol Historical Society through unrestricted donations. This money provides operational and program support which allows us to continue to fulfill our mission.

Leading companies became founding members of the Capitol Committee’s Leadership Council with annual charitable contributions of $25,000 and more. With that assistance, the Society has been able to upgrade its interactive web site for students and teachers, support new curriculum initiatives for secondary educational programs, and contribute works of art to the permanent collection of the U.S. Capitol.

Your Involvement

Are you, your company, or your organization looking for a unique way of demonstrating the significance of your charitable and civic responsibility to a broad audience across our country? Your involvement and that of leading companies on the Capitol Committee are the flagship of our support. With your help, this building and what it stands for is brought to life in a way that touches the lives and minds of millions.

Become a leader and help us keep the United States Capitol and our democracy a beacon for the world.

“Support for the USCHS is an essential element for any organization serious about its engagement with Congress.  USCHS is about promoting the history, values and promise of our Capitol – and the women and men that work there.  Our countries may have their “crown jewels” or monuments, but America has an instantly recognizable symbol of its living democracy in that building.  Express Scripts and its employees are proud to be part of a greater effort through USCHS to help that light shine forth to all the world to see.”

Rob Lively – Allergan, Capitol Committee Member

“… being associated with the United States Capitol Historical Society gives me an opportunity to not only relive some of the best times of my distant youth but also to stay engaged with the process. I highly recommend membership in the United States Capitol Historical Society to you.”

John TuckBaker, Donelson, Bearman & Caldwell, P.C. Chair, USCHS Capitol Membership Chairman 2006

For Capitol Committee Information, Please Contact:

Cherise Clark
Director of Development
202-543-8919 x23