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Campbell Speaks at AALU Town Hall
USCHS President Jane L. Campbell speaks at the AALU Town Hall

Society senior staff and volunteer speakers are available to present programs about the history of the Capitol and the Congress; tax-exempt donations to the Society are accepted in lieu of honoraria. These programs are generally available by reservation for events and meetings in the Washington area. The speakers have extensive experience in the Capitol, and include Former Members of Congress, Congressional staff, government relations professionals, and historians.

For more information about the USCHS Speakers Bureau or to book a speaker, contact Steve Livengood at or (202) 543-8919 X17.


  • The Honorable Jane Campbell, President and CEO, U.S. Capitol Historical Society

  • Steve Livengood, Director of Public Programs and Chief Guide, U.S. Capitol Historical Society

  • Samuel HollidayDirector of Operations & Scholarship, U.S. Capitol Historical Society


Available speech topics include:

Temple of Democracy: the history of the founding of the U.S. government, the construction of the Capitol building, and the triumph of democracy. Sets a tone of reverence for a visit to the Capitol building or a meeting in the Nation’s Capital. Speaker: Steve Livengood

Public Life: a testimony of being raised in a household dedicated to public service and the transitions both into and out of elected office. Shares stories from her time serving as an elected official in the Capitol, as well as her time as both a congressional chief of staff and committee staff director. Speaker: The Honorable Jane Campbell