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Since 2005, our We the People Constitution Program has engaged thousands of students in Washington, D.C., through immersive educational experiences about the U.S. Constitution. Help your students gain a profound understanding of the importance of active citizenship by bringing our stories, lessons, and values into your classroom.

We the People Constitution Hub

Our “We the People” Constitution Hub is a free online tool designed to engage students with the Constitution’s living history and its vital role in our government. Whether you’re looking to introduce your students to the foundations of our government or aiming to foster a deeper understanding of their civic rights and responsibilities, the Hub is a vital educational tool for teachers.

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The Hub is a collaborative effort by the We the People Consortium, which includes the U.S. Capitol Historical Society, the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center, the White House Historical Associationthe National Archives and Records Administration, President’s Park/White House Visitor Center (National Park Service), and the George Mason Memorial (National Park Service). 

Here are a few highlights that our “We the People” Hub offers:

Free access to lesson plans, educational videos, interactive resources, and various activities — all focused on the Constitution and its practical applications.

Many resources available on the hub can be downloaded in different formats, allowing you to tailor them to meet your classroom’s specific standards and objectives.

Engage your students with quizzes and classroom discussion exercises designed to cater to all learning styles.

Explore the “Teaching the Constitution Through Theater” program, where students can learn about historical events through engaging theatrical plays.


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Share, use, and contribute to lessons and resources on the platform, and collaborate with fellow educators from across the country.

The hub offers the unique opportunity to schedule live virtual sessions with educators at participating “We the People” sites for an interactive and immersive learning experience — all at no cost.

Since 2005, our “We the People” Constitution Tour has served over 20,000 students in exploring how the U.S. Constitution comes alive in our nation’s capital. This free educational program is designed to engage Title I middle school students with the foundations of the United States government by providing firsthand experiences with the nation’s political landmarks and historical documents. By experiencing history where it happened, students can develop a more profound connection to the content they learn in the classroom. 

Our “We the People” tour isn’t just a sightseeing trip – it’s an incredible learning experience that makes history and civic education more accessible and relatable for students. 

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To register your students for this enriching educational experience, please contact us or fill out the form below:

Phone: 202-543-8919 ext. 22

Email: edenyer@uschs.org


We the People Team

Email: wethepeople@uschs.org

Tour Stops

The "We the People" Constitution Tour is designed to improve students' understanding of the U.S. Constitution through hands-on learning at historical sites in Washington, D.C. Each stop covers a specific aspect of the Constitution and the American political system:

George Mason Memorial

As the "father of the Bill of Rights," George Mason's memorial is the starting point for our tour about constitutional rights and guarantees.

National Archives

Students can view the original Constitution and Bill of Rights, allowing them to connect with these documents first-hand.

Lafayette Park

The site of many historical events and protests, demonstrating the First Amendment rights to freedom of assembly and speech.

The United States Capitol

Representing the legislative branch, the Capitol provides a backdrop for learning about Congress and the law-making process.

The White House Visitors' Center

This site represents the executive branch and provides insights into the presidency and the execution of our laws.

The Old Supreme Court Chamber

As the highest court in the United States, this stop highlights the judicial branch and the role of the courts in interpreting the law.

By the end of the tour, students have a well-rounded understanding of the Constitution's practical applications and the importance of each citizen's role within the democratic framework of the United States. Please note that a complimentary lunch and transportation are included free of cost.

Tour Impact

In the previous tour season (from October 2022 to March 2023), we engaged 1,331 D.C. eighth-grade students alongside 220 dedicated teachers, with a total of 1,551 enthusiastic participants. This turnout not only surpassed our previous annual average of 1,400 participants but also marks a significant accomplishment since the pandemic shutdown.

Students learn about the Statue of Freedom in the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center

Here is how our tour makes a difference:

  • Students who said they would vote upon turning 18 increased from 55% before the tour to 67% after the tour.
  • Students who say they will or might run for student government increased from 17% before the tour to 46% after the tour.
  • Students who said they would or might run for public office increased from 42% before the tour to 55% after the tour.
  • Most telling, 86% of teachers who went on our tour believed it would encourage their students to be more involved in public service.

percentage of students who say they will or might run for student government

Before the tour
Students 17%
After the tour
Students 46%

percentage of students who said they will or might run for public office

Before the tour
Students 42%
After the Tour
Students 55%

percentage of students who said they will vote upon turning 18

Before the tour
Students 55%
After the tour
Students 67%
Students in the Rotunda

Our tour’s growing demand stands as a testament to the critical need for continued education in civics and history—a need made even more pressing by the recent findings from the National Assessment of Educational Progress. The report reveals that only 13% of 8th graders nationwide show proficiency in history, with only 22% proficient in civics.

Join Us in Empowering the Next Generation!

It is clear that education remains a top priority for communities across the nation. Yet, as educators, we must confront the reality that this report represents a decline over the past few years that challenges the future of full participation in our governmental decision-making. As this program continues to grow and evolve, your feedback, insights, and involvement are invaluable. Together, we can empower a generation that is not only well-educated but also deeply committed to the health and functioning of our democracy.

Only 22% of our nation’s 8th graders are proficient in civics

13% of our nation’s 8th graders are proficient in history

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Live Distance Learning Sessions

In addition to the resources of the hub, teachers may schedule a virtual classroom session with educators at the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center, the White House Visitor Center, and the George Mason Memorial. Interested in scheduling a live session for your classroom?

Live classroom sessions with the U.S. Capitol Visitors Center are available through an existing program:

Live classroom sessions with the National Archives are available through an existing program:

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About the United States Capitol Historical Society:

For more than 60 years, the U.S. Capitol Historical Society has proudly worked to preserve and share the history of the Capitol, the Congress, and the people who work therein. As a nonpartisan, educational 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, the Society was chartered by Congress in 1978, in part, “to foster and increase an informed patriotism.” In service of this mission, the Society conducts historical tours of the Capitol Building, hosts both virtual and in-person public history programming, publishes scholarly research in various aspects of Capitol History, coordinates an open-access civics education digital resource hub, manages a renowned civics education field trip program for D.C. public school students, and commissions works of fine art for the Capitol collections.