Testimonials & Awards

“The Society is one of those organizations that quietly goes about its mission with the resolve necessary to persevere in good times and bad. I have been honored to serve on its Board of Directors.”
Cokie Roberts, ABC News

“Being part of the United States Capitol Historical Society has been a wonderful asset to Grant Thornton. The society’s insightful, behind-the-scene’s tours of the grounds — from the Old Senate Chambers to the Brumidi Corridors — are always a must-see for firm leaders visiting Washington. The society also does a lesser-known yet equally spectacular job of educating and informing the public about U.S. history and politics through its insightful lectures, award ceremonies, student-educational projects and other public programming. I am proud to be a member of the society’s board of trustees.”
Mary Moore Hamrick, Grant Thornton

“The Historical Society tells the story not just of lawmakers and legislative battles but sees it mission much more holistically. It illuminates political history, yes, but also promotes appreciation of the breathtaking art and architecture all around us.”
Lin-Manuel Miranda

“There may not be many American who are familiar with the U.S. Capitol Historical Society and the incredibly important role it plays. Not only does The Society preserve the past and honor of this truly magnificent building and those who have served here through programs like the freedom Award, but The Society helps Americans to see the living connections between the past and where we are today and it helps us to understand that this Capitol is a symbol of America as a living institution.”
Senator Lisa Murkowski

“For more than 60 years, the U.S. Capitol Historical Society has protected the legacy and told the story of the Capitol and its inhabitants. The vitality and importance of the Society are reflected by the broad support it receives to educate Americans and foreign visitors about the U.S. Congress and its institutions. I’m proud to play a small role in continuing this important mission.”
Mark Tyndall, Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals

“Siemens’ DC office hosts executives from around the globe. Invariably, we set up tours with the Capitol Historical Society, as part of the DC agenda. Without fail, the tours are one of the most interesting and memorable for our guests. The tour guides know more about the Capitol, relay information and stories that you can’t find in a history book, and simply provide the best Capitol tour around. Siemens has been a member for almost a dozen years, and we find it one of our most valuable investments.”
Mark Esherick, Siemens Corporation

“I became aware of the U.S. Capitol Historical Society some years ago, and joined soon thereafter. The USCHS was created more than 50 years ago and has been chartered by the Congress. It is charged with the task of preserving the true history of the men and women who have served there, the accurate account of the events that have occurred there and the factual stories that have made this building the composite history of America. The USCHS is staffed by knowledgeable professionals who produce a nationally recognized blog of wonderful stories; a slick-cover magazine of top quality; lecture series by renowned authors; and other events with published scholars. I am proud to serve as a volunteer with the USCHS by giving tours of the U. S. Capitol Building in a ‘walking-lecture’ environment. Top corporations, both U.S. and foreign, colleges, universities, and other non-profits depend on the USCHS or the unique view of the Capitol that only it can give. I am proud to be a part of it.”

“The Capitol Historical Society is a fantastic non-profit which has for years served to promote the U.S. Capitol and its historic context. They are run by a passionate team who delivers fantastic services in support of the Society’s mission. The programs run by the Society teach history in a compelling way to a broad span of citizens from youths to adults. I highly recommend joining the US Capitol Historical Society to support their important mission but also because you will enjoy learning more about our country’s rich heritage.”
Board Member

“USCHS is a great organization because the staff are all dedicated to their work. Their excitement is contagious. I worked on research for the history department, and their passion for the subject encouraged me to get as involved as I could. USCHS regularly coordinates well-planned events such as lectures and tours. Interacting with people at these events always motivated me to learn more about the history of the Capitol Building and Congress.”
Former Staff Member

“DCPS is a better place due to the partnership with the USCHS. My students have gone on the We the People trolley tour for the past 5 years, and each time we go, the students rave about the variety of activities, the knowledge and kindness of the tour guides and the Cousin Sams, and the experiences they take away from a mini-tour of DC. It is the first field trip I recommend to new teachers as it connects the classroom to the real world in a tangible and informative way.”
DC Public School Teacher