USCHS is #CapitolStrong

As the nation recovers from the January 6 insurrection, the United States Capitol Historical Society is proud to join with leading civil society groups to launch CapitolStrong, an initiative to strengthen and invest in the institution of Congress and the people who serve there.

Members of the CapitolStrong coalition are working to foster an ongoing public dialogue on how American civil society can begin repair and rebuild trust in our institutions following the assault on our democracy. In addition to examining the roots and implications of 1/6, the CapitolStrong initiative will amplify stories of bravery, resilience and patriotism seen on Capitol Hill.

For those who work in the Capitol Complex—legislative staffers, support staff, Members of Congress—the attack on the Capitol was also a very personal trauma. CapitolStrong is collaborating with Capitol Hill offices to provide support to Congressional employees as they move forward, both as devoted public servants and as human beings surviving workplace violence.

Visit to take action and show support for Congressional and service staff. You can follow the work of this initiative on Twitter @CapitolStrong and on Instagram @capitol_strong, and subscribe to receive email updates on


CapitolStrong Participating Organizations Include: