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From Freedom’s Shadow

African Americans & the U.S. Capitol The cruel irony of this nation’s founding and the U.S. Capitol is that both were made possible by the enslavement of African Americans.

We the People Hub

Enhancing Civics Teaching & Learning Engage directly with the national institutions that exist to serve you! Explore free resources to deepen your students' understanding of civic rights, responsibilities, and the U.S. Constitution. The Hub offers videos, activities, quizzes, and lesson plans for every learning style.

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Mission & History: Fred Schwengal
Congressman Fred Schwengel (pictured giving a tour) founded the Society in 1962

Discover the heart of American history with the U.S. Capitol Historical Society! Founded in 1962, the U.S. Capitol Historical Society has proudly worked to preserve and share the history of the Capitol, the Congress, and the people who work therein. As a nonpartisan, educational 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, the Society was chartered by Congress in 1978, in part, “to foster and increase an informed patriotism.” In service of this mission, the Society conducts historical tours of the Capitol Building, hosts both virtual and in-person public history programming, publishes scholarly research in various aspects of Capitol History, coordinates a digital civics education resource hub for teachers, manages a renowned civics education field trip program for Title I D.C. public school students, and commissions works of fine art for the Capitol collections.

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