Celebration to Honor the 118th Congress

Photos (c) Bruce Guthrie

The U.S. Capitol Historical Society hosted an event on September 13th to celebrate and honor the 118th Congress. Current and former Members of Congress, staffers, and members of the Society enjoyed the program in the elegant Ways and Means Committee Room.

Senator Chuck Grassley and Representative Marcy Kaptur, the longest-serving male and female Members of the 118th Congress, shared their insights on what they wished they knew when they started their congressional careers and how to create a legacy in Congress during the event.
Representative Robert Garcia, the Democratic Freshman Class President, and Representative Russell Fry, the Republican Freshman Class President, added depth to the conversation by asking insightful follow-up questions as they begin their congressional careers. This collaborative and bipartisan event showcased how Members of Congress can work together, emphasizing a shared commitment to serving the American people that transcends party lines.

We would like to thank Society members and supporters for joining us for this event. Society members receive special invitations to attend exclusive events in the historic rooms of the Capitol where they have the opportunity to meet the “history-makers” themselves. By becoming a member of the Society, you can experience Capitol history in a unique way and share it with your friends, family, colleagues, fellow history lovers, and more!

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