From Freedom’s Shadow — References & Acknowledgements

From Freedom's Shadow: African Americans & the United States Capitol

References, Acknowledgements & Suggested Reading


Exhibit Staff:

Curator: Felicia Bell

Project Manager: Donald R. Kennon



William C. Allen
Bob Arnebeck
Lauren Borchard
Farar Elliott
Frances Tucci Farley
Randy Groves
Dr. Walter Hill
Mary Hughes
Margaret Hutto
Lucinda P. Janke
Dr. Robert Kapsch
Steven S. Lapham
Pamela Scott
Diane Skvarla
Dr. David Taft Terry
USCHS Interns
Diana Wailes
Dr. Eugene Walton
Dr. Barbara Wolanin





Adler Display

Congressional Black Caucus


Howard University, Department of History

Library of Congress

Maryland Historical Society

National Archives & Records Administration

National Council for the Social Studies

Office of the Architect of the Capitol

Reginald F. Lewis Museum of Maryland African American History & Culture

Smithsonian Institution

U. S. Capitol Police

U. S. House of Representatives Office of History & Preservation

U. S. Senate Historical Office


Suggested Readings:

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Introduction & Location



Emancipation & Representation

Segregation & Representation