Save-the-Date: August Lecture Series

The U.S. Capitol Historical Society will host its annual lunchtime lecture series on Wednesdays in August–plus Sept. 5–on Capitol Hill. This year’s iteration of the series will focus on new and ongoing research on recent congressional history.

Speakers include:

  • Laura Blessing (Georgetown University) on the effects of the earmarks ban,
  • Matthew Green (Catholic University) on the use of archival whip counts to understand congressional leadership races,
  • Kevin Kosar (R Street Institute) on the rise and fall of congressional staffing,
  • Seth Masket (Library of Congress Kluge Center Chair) on the Democratic Party’s response to the 2016 election,
  • Kristina Miler (University of Maryland) on the representation of the poor in Congress,
  • Colleen Shogan (Library of Congress) and Jacob Straus (Congressional Research Service) on how social media is changing norms of representation in Congress.