NBC News Learn Releases “We The People: Constitution Tour” Video Series

On September 17th, 2019, in celebration of Constitution Day, NBC News Learn launched “We The People: Constitution Tour™,” an original video field trip series which brings students face-to-face with the pillars of our government to explain how each branch works together to uphold the principles of the United States Constitution. NBC News Learn, the education division of NBC News, produced the series in collaboration with the United States Capitol Historical Society.

The five-part series, narrated by NBC News White House Correspondent Kristen Welker, takes viewers on a journey through the “We the People: Constitution Tour™” to the landmarks of our government and historical sites across Washington, D.C. Throughout the tour, experts and educators engage with students to reflect on how the branches of government support the intentions of the Constitution’s founders.

Each video brings these iconic institutions and historical figures to life through interviews with prominent leaders in both the House of Representatives and the Senate, including Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Rep. Colin Allred (D-TX), Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO), Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC), Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) and more.

“Our partnership with the U.S. Capitol Historical Society gives students and teachers all over the country access to the institutions that uphold the fundamentals of the Constitution,” said Soraya Gage, General Manager, NBC News Learn. “It’s so important for students to understand that they too are represented by the people serving in Washington, D.C., which is why we are proud to share these pivotal pieces of U.S. history with them.”

“As part of our Congressional charter to ‘foster an informed patriotism,’ the U.S. Capitol Historical Society built a consortium to lead DC middle school students on a field trip to understand the three branches of government,” explained Jane L. Campbell, President/CEO of the U.S. Capitol Historical Society. “Students report that following the tour they are more likely to engage in civic activities such as registering to vote, writing their elected representatives, and imagining running for office. Without the participation of the Children’s Concierge, the National Archives and Records Administration, the National Park Service, Restaurant Associates, USA Guided Tours, the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center, the White House Historical Association, and the White House Visitor Center, it would be impossible to provide the students this experience. We are thrilled that through our partnership with NBC News Learn this educational opportunity is now available to all students and life-long-learners, nationwide.”

The original series can be viewed online at NBCNewsLearn.com Viewers can learn more about the series and join the discussion by following @NBCNewsLearn and @USCapHis on Facebook and Twitter.



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