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Countdown until Giving Tuesday:


Why Your Support Matters

As we approach GivingTuesday, the U.S. Capitol Historical Society invites you to support our ‘We the People’ Constitution Program. This educational program is designed to inspire and educate the next generation of voters about the importance of civic participation, the workings of the government, and the historical context of our nation’s laws and principles.

Your contribution helps us provide essential teaching resources and activities for first-year civics teachers, ensuring they have the tools they need to effectively educate their students about our government and the Constitution. We offer a free civics education field trip for D.C. students, teacher workshops, an online Civics Education Hubplays about the U.S. Constitutioneducational videos, and scholarly publications.

Here are the programs that will benefit directly from your generosity:

  • We the People Constitution Tour: This free educational tour takes DC students in historically underserved communities to historical sites in Washington, DC, to learn about the first three articles of the Constitution.
  • The We the People Hub: A digital collection of resources for first-year teachers offering a deeper understanding of civic rights and responsibilities.
  • Teaching the Constitution Through Theater: We collaborate with StoryWorks, playwrights, educators, and historians to produce plays about the Constitution that offer a unique opportunity for students to learn about history through theater.
  • “Capitol Kids” Webinar Series: This series brings authors to middle school classrooms nationwide to discuss American history in a fun way and inspire democratic participation.
  • Three Branches Institute: A 3-day virtual professional development workshop empowering teachers across the country with rich historical resources.

Our ‘We the People’ Constitution Tour is a free civics education field trip that takes D.C. public school students from historically underserved communities and Title I schools to local historical sites in Washington, D.C., to learn about the first three articles of the Constitution. More than 1,400 students participate in this field trip each year, which makes them more likely to vote, write to elected officials, and consider a career in public service. By donating before the end of this month, you ensure that we can include even more students in this unique experience during our current tour season.

Our ‘We the People’ tour isn’t just a sightseeing trip – it’s an incredible learning experience that makes history and civic education more accessible and relatable for students. This tour includes stops at the U.S. Capitol, Lafayette Park, the White House Visitors’ Center, the George Mason Memorial, the National Archives, and the Supreme Court, providing students with an in-depth understanding of the Constitution’s foundation. Experiencing history where it happened allows students to form a deeper connection with the content they learn in the classroom.

Our "We the People" Constitution Tour has already made a significant impact:

During our last tour season (from October 2022 to March 2023), we served an impressive 1,331 D.C. students, accompanied by 220 teachers, and made significant strides in civic education:

  • Students who said they would vote upon turning 18 increased from 55% before the tour to 67% after the tour.
  • Students who say they will or might run for student government increased from 17% before the tour to 46% after the tour.
  • Students who said they would or might run for public office increased from 42% before the tour to 55% after the tour.
  • Most telling, 86% of teachers who went on our tour believed it would encourage their students to be more involved in public service.

How You Can Help

With your support, we can inspire a new generation of well-informed and active citizens. 

Here’s how your donation can make a direct impact:

  • $25: Provides Constitutions to 50 students.
  • $85: Covers a student’s entire tour experience.
  • $200: Provides lunch for 25 students.
  • $750: Funds transportation and tour guides for a class of 25 students.
  • $2,975: Supports an entire class’s tour, creating unforgettable learning experiences.
  • $75,000: Directly invests in our passionate staff who guarantee the program’s continued success.

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