Annual Trustee Event with Senator Roy Blunt

Senator Roy Blunt of Missouri joined the U.S. Capitol Historical Society as an honored guest at our Virtual Annual Trustee Event on August 19.  The event provides a forum for members of the Leadership Council and Constitution Signers to discuss topics with a sitting Member of Congress who also serves on the Society’s Board of Trustees. About fifteen Capitol Committee members and USCHS Board members met with Senator Blunt virtually.

Senator Blunt spoke on USCHS’s important mission, chronicled some of the statues in the U.S. Capitol Building, and spoke on his position as Chairman of the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies. The Senator relayed many of the connections that he now shares with then-Senator Harry Truman. He inhabits the same office Truman did in the Russell Senate Office Building, and Senator Blunt uses a desk that was also used by Truman. However, when Senator Blunt asked the Senate Historian, Dr. Betty Koed, about Truman’s desk, she told him that Truman likely used ten different desks during his time in the Senate! He noted that he always appreciates the work that the Society does as a former history teacher and as a sitting Senator. Many attendees spoke on how the Society has impacted their understanding of the Capitol, and shared that they hope to see USCHS supported by Congress in the future.

The Society wishes to thank Senator Blunt for his time and his staff for their organizational support.

Screenshot of attendees at the Annual Trustee Event with Senator Blunt
Attendees and Senator Blunt in the Zoom call for the Annual Trustee Event