Capitol Fellowship Recipients

U.S. Capitol Historical Society Fellows, 2019

Elizabeth Kiszonas, “Westward Empire: George Berkeley’s ‘Verses on the Prospect of Planting Arts and Learning’ in American Art and Literary Culture”

Dr. Maria Christina Loi, Thomas Jefferson and the U.S. Capitol

Jacquelyn D. McDonald, Elisabet Ney, sculptor in the U.S. Capitol

Karol Williams, “The Importance of Procession: New Approaches to the Visitor Entry Experience of the Library of Congress Jefferson Building”

U.S. Capitol Historical Society Fellows, 2018

Don Hawkins, research on the construction history of Federal Hall

Nicholas Robbins, research on the history of nineteenth-century greenhouse architecture at the U.S. Botanic Garden

U.S. Capitol Historical Society Fellows, 2017

Michele Amedei, American artists at the Florence Academy of Fine Arts, 1818-1850

John Busch, depictions of steam-powered vessels in the U.S. Capitol, 1857-1873

Richard Chenoweth, Benjamin Henry Latrobe’s Egyptian Revival design for the Library of Congress

Dr. Lynda Cooper, art of the Thomas Jefferson Building of the Library of Congress

Dr. Elise FriedlandConstantino Brumidi’s frescoes for the Naval Affairs Committee Room in the U.S. Capitol

Dr. Alba Irollo, Luigi Persico and the Capitol’s East Front

Dr. Matthew RestallEuropean-Native encounters in the art of the Capitol

Dr. Paula Murphy, “The Irish Imprint in American Sculpture in the Capitol”

U.S. Capitol Historical Society Fellows, 2016

Tiziano Antognozzi, Constantino Brumidi’s Capitol murals

Dr. Debra Hanson, “Looking Westward: Views of the West from Capitol Hill”

Dr. Anna Marley, research on the Rotunda paintings

Dr. Akela Reason, “Elihu Vedder: Chronicle of the Gilded Age”

Sierra Rooney, commemoration of women in the U.S. Capitol

Dr. Peter Zilahy, “Many Hats of Louis Kossuth”

U.S. Capitol Historical Society Fellows, 2015

Jean Baker, Benjamin Henry Latrobe

Derek Everett, “Coloradans in the Capitol: Choosing Sabin and Swigert for Statuary Hall”

Issac King, research on the painting George Washington (Patriae Pater)

Shana Klein, agricultural imagery in the Capitol

Diane Tepfer, “Christopher Columbus, the United States Capitol Complex, and Columbus Circle: Shifting Perspectives”

U.S. Capitol Historical Society Fellows, 2014

Jhennifer Amundson, “Competition, Collaboration and the U.S. Capitol Dome”

Ann H. Waigand, “Janes, Beebe & Co.: Ironwork to the U.S. Capitol and the Nation”

Matthew Costello, “Sanguine Affairs: Laying George Washington to Rest in a Divisive Nation”

U.S. Capitol Historical Society Fellows, 2013

Craig A. Reynolds, “Thomas Jefferson and the Design of the United States Capitol, 1776-1826”

Katherine A. Miller, “The Role of Photography in the Capitol Extension and Treasury Extension”

Whitney Thompson, “Foreign-born Artists Making ‘American’ Pictures: Emanuel Leutze’s Westward the Course of Empire Takes Its Way in the U.S. Capitol”

Elsie Heung, “Portraying Women’s Suffrage: Visual Arts and the Vote in the United States, 1900-1920”

Vytaute Pivoriunaite, “Framing the Capitol: Conveying Power and Meaning through Photographs”

U.S. Capitol Historical Society Fellows, 2012

Jean Farnsworth, “J. & G.H. Gibson Company’s Stained Glass in the United States Capitol”

Dr. Felicia Bell, “Enslaved Craftsmen and the Construction of the United States Capitol”

Katya Miller, “The Statue of Freedom”

Dana John Stefanelli, “Washington, D.C. and the Political Economy of American Federalism, 1790-1828”

Sandra Weber, “The Portrait Monument to Lucretia Mott, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Susan B. Anthony

U.S. Capitol Historical Society Fellows, 2011

C. Joseph Genetin-Pilawa, “The Indians’ Capital City”

Don Alexander Hawkins, “The Capitol in L’Enfant’s Plan of Washington”

Heidi Irre, “Emanuel Leutze and Westward the Course of Empire Takes Its Way”

Asma Naeem, “Randolph Rogers and the Columbus Doors”

Rachel Pierce, “Capitol Women: Work, Politics, and Feminism in Congress, 1960-1980”

Pamela Scott, “Charles Bulfinch in Washington, 1818-1830”

U.S. Capitol Historical Society Fellows, 2010

Dr. Julia Sienkewicz, “Horatio Greenough’s The Rescue Group and the Embodiment of United States Citizenship”

Richard Chenoweth, “Research and reconstruction of the Latrobe-Franzoni Statue of Liberty from 1807”

Dr. Debra Hanson, “Looking Westward: Views of the West from Capitol Hill”

Lindsay Shannon, “Inventing the ‘New Woman’: Suffrage, Art, and Female Image-Building in America”

U.S. Capitol Historical Society Fellows, 2009

Prof. Maurie D. McInnis, University of Virginia, “Remembering the Revolution: Pictures, Politics, and Memory” (declined)

Dr. Jenny Carson, the art of William Rinehart

Emilie Boone, “Sculpture and the Viewing Experience: The Martin Luther King, Jr. Bust by John Wilson for the Capitol Rotunda”

Guy Gugliotta, the Capitol extensions and dome

U.S. Capitol Historical Society Fellows, 2008

Jean M. Farnsworth, independent historian and conservation consultant: ” Stained Glass Windows and Skylights in the United States Capitol produced by by J. & G.H. Gibson”

Guy Gugliotta, award-winning journalist and free-lance writer: “The Civil War and the Capitol Dome” (focusing on the roles of Jefferson Davis, Montgomery C. Meigs, and Thomas U. Walter in the expansion of the Capitol)

Dr. Debra Hanson, adjunct professor of art history, University of Richmond: “Westward Expansion and National Identity: A Comparative Study of Three Sets of Images in the U.S. Capitol”

Crawford Alexander Mann III, doctoral candidate, History of Art, Yale University: “When in Rome: Italian Travel and the Pursuit of the Ideal Male Body in Antebellum American Art” (with a focus on sculptors Thomas Crawford and Horatio Greenough)

Constance Silver, professional conservator, “The Interior Life of a Great Monument: Review and Interpretation of All Analyses of Historic Architectural Finishes in the U.S. Capitol Building”

U.S. Capitol Historical Society Fellows, 2007

Jhennifer A. Amundson, book on Capitol Architect Thomas U. Walter

Kate Elliot, “Constructing National Identity: Nineteenth-Century and Early Twentieth-Century Representations of First Contact”

Annelise K. Madsen, “Retro Spectacle: Allegory as Culture, Play, and Politics in American Art and Life, 1890-1917”

Jörg Matthies, “The History and Meaning of Memorial Trees within the Capitol district with a focus on the U.S. Botanic Garden and the National Arboretum”

Eve Rosenbaum, “The Dome as Metaphor for the State of the Union during the Civil War”

U.S. Capitol Historical Society Fellows, 2006

Katherine E. Manthorne, “Pictured Women Narrate Their Histories: The Art & Culture of Reconstruction, 1863-1877”

Arthur Marks, “The American Orders of Benjamin Henry Latrobe”

Anna Minta, “Federal and Religious Buildings in Washington, D.C.: The Supreme Court and the National Archives as Case Studies for Contested Constructions of National Identity in Architecture and Iconography”

Benjamin Schwantes, “Robert Poole, Poole & Hunt and the Construction of the United States Capitol Dome”

U.S. Capitol Historical Society Fellows, 2005

Stephen N. Dennis, “The Capitol in Silver”

Derek R. Everett, “The United States Capitol as Model for State Capitols in the post-Civil War Era”

Harald Klinke, “American History Painting from Independence to Civil War with a Focus on the Rotunda Paintings”

Lindsay Silver, “The Nation’s Neighborhood: The People, Power, and Politics of Capitol Hill Since the Civil War”

Frank S. Welsh, “Identification of Pigments Used in the Prime Paint on the 1850s House and Senate Wings Cast-Iron Door and Window Enframements”

Jamie Whitacre, “Fruits and Flowers in the Brumidi Corridors”

U.S. Capitol Historical Society Fellows, 2004

Constance Burr, “The Guastavinos: Master Builders in the United States Capitol Complex”

Ronald M. Johnson, “In the Shadow of the Capitol: Congressional Cemetery and the Memory of the Nation”

Arthur Marks, “Capitol/al Problems: Latrobe, the Greek Revival and the Architectural Orders”

U.S. Capitol Historical Society Fellows, 2003

Susan W. Knowles, “Tennessee and Tennessee-related Portraiture, Public Sculpture and Architectural Art within the United States Capitol Complex”

Lisa Davie Rindler, “A Study of the Mosaics in the Jefferson Building of the Library of Congress”

Anne Elizabeth Samuel, “Edwin Howland Blashfield: A Case Study in How Vision Is Reconsidered by American Renaissance Muralists”

U.S. Capitol Historical Society Fellows, 2002

Karen Lemmey, “Henry Kirke Brown and the United States Capitol: The House Pediment, the National Art Commission, and Statuary Hall”

William L. Yandik, “Brumidi’s Birds: Researching the Ornithological Frescoes of trhe Brumidi Corridors”

U.S. Capitol Historical Society Fellows, 2001

Daniel W. Mattausch, “Gas Lights and the U.S. Capitol”

Marya Annette McQuirter, Ph.D., “The Architecture of the Capitol and African Americans in the Early Twentieth Century”

Richard Chenoweth, AIA, “Rooms of Light: Visualizations of the Hall of Representatives and the Senate Chamber, 1808-1814”

U.S. Capitol Historical Society Fellows, 1999-2000

Prof. Melissa Dabakis, Kenyon College; American women sculptors in Rome, including research on the Capitol commissions of Ames, Nevin, Ream and Whitney.

Edgar A. Hatcher, Ph.D. candidate, University of Maryland; Congress and the fine arts, 1830-1860.

Prof. Teresa A. Lachin, Georgetown University School for Summer and Continuing Education; Study of women artists of the Capitol.

Todd L. Larkin, Ph.D. candidate, University of California at Santa Barbara; Portraits of Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette given to Congress.

Peter P. Mickulas, Ph.D. candidate, Rutgers University; Philanthropy, science and the U.S. Botanic Garden

Cynthia H. Sanford, curator, Brooklyn Historical Society, and Ph.D. candidate, City University of New York; Artist Edward Simmons

Recipients and Projects Supported, 1986-1999

Prof. Thomas Somma, Ithaca College: Bartlett’s House Pediment and Library of Congress sculptures, resulting publication: The Apotheosis of Democracy, 1908-1916 (University of Delaware Press, 1995), which won an award as the best manuscript of the year presented to the University of Delaware Press.

Dr. Francis V. O’Connor, art historian: Brumidi’s Rotunda murals.

Dr. Lauretta Dimmick, art historian and museum curator: Dissertation on Thomas Crawford, sculptor of Statue of Freedom.

Prof. Vivien Green Fryd, Vanderbilt University: themes of ethnicity and expansion represented in Capitol’s art, resulting publication: Art and Empire: The Politics of Ethnicity in the U.S. Capitol, 1815-1860 (Yale University Press, 1992).

Dr. William Bushong, architectural historian: Glenn Brown’s History of the Capitol and the Architects of the Capitol, resulting publications: Uncle Sam’s Architects: Builders of the Capitol (1994), annotated reprint of Brown’s History of the United States Capitol (G.P.O., forthcoming).

Dr. Charles M. Harris, architectural historian and documentary editor: William Thornton, original designer of the Capitol, resulting publication: Papers of William Thornton, volume 1 (University Press of Virginia, 1995).

Dr. Janet Marstine, art historian: Dissertation on Library of Congress murals.

Dr. Mary Christian, art historian: Dissertation on P.J. David d’Angers, sculptor of Jefferson statue.

Glenn Sherwood, writer: Biography of Vinnie Ream Hoxie, sculptor of Lincoln and Sequoyah statues in the Capitol, resulting publication: A Labor of Love: The Life and Art of Vinnie Ream (Sunshine Press, 1997).

Susan Smead, architectural historian: Hoban’s temporary House of Representatives.

Frances Brousseau, architectural historian: Dissertation on architects of Library of Congress building.

Dr. Kimberly Jones, art historian: Bierstadt’s Capitol paintings.

Susan Brizzolara, architectural historian, topic: Dissertation on construction of the Capitol dome.

Dr. James Goode, art historian and author: Dissertation on Thomas U. Walter, architect of the Capitol extensions and dome.

Pamela Scott, architectural historian: Robert Mills and the Capitol; catalog of archival materials on the Capitol at the National Archives

Michael Lawrence, architectural historian: Burnham’s proposed design for Lincoln Memorial.

Catherine S. Myers, art conservator: Painting techniques of Constantino Brumidi.

Dr. Teresa Lachin, art historian: National Statuary Hall.

Alexander Badialov, architectural historian: Comparison of Dome with St. Isaac’s in Russia.

Dr. Julia King, architectural historian: George Hadfield, early construction supervisor for the Capitol.

Dr. Dean Herrin, architectural historian: Biography of Montgomery C. Meigs, engineer in charge of construction of Capitol extensions and dome.

Daniel C. Lewis, art historian: Leutze’s “Westward the Course of Empire Takes Its Way.”

Dr. Pamela Potter-Hennessey, art historian: Italian iconography in Capitol art.

Major Mark Snell, historian and author: William Franklin and Capitol construction in the 1850s.

Jhennifer A. Amundson, architectural historian: Dissertation on Thomas U. Walter’s architectural theory and professional practice.